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We at MIRROR AND GLASS PROCESSING LTD have over 25 years experience in dealing with mirror and glass and all the complications that come with it. This includes measuring up and making sure you have the perfect size to using the correct safety methods for transporting and moving glass as well as using the correct tools and equipment for fitting such a fragile item. That is why we offer a professional measure, deliver and fit service, we do the hard work so you don't have to.

A lot of people may think that its rather easy just to measure a small or large space but beware there can be lots of hidden hazards that are not always seen with the naked eye. The most common problem that occurs is that the space you require for your mirror is not perfectly square, being longer even just by a few mm on one side; this is known as a RAKE. Other problems include BOWED walls, sockets which require CUT OUTS and even the surface material it is being fixed to. Even the simplest of things like if the mirror is quite large is it going to fit through the doorways has to be taken into consideration. This really can be a complicated job if you are not sure what you are doing and if you make a measuring mistake then its money down the drain and back to square one.
Give us a call and have us come measure it for you 0191 4826660.

Delivery can be arranged for your mirror or glass no matter how large or small your quantity. Our delivery vans are kitted out with the required safety equipment to assure that its contents can be transported and arrive at its destination in perfect factory condition. Our staff are also trained to use the correct equipment and methods to be able to securely remove the glass or mirror from the van and re-locate it to your desired location in your home or business. For items not required for fitting we can offer 48 hour delivery either via parcel or pallet delivery.

Fitting is usually the easiest part of the process. Most mirrors we fit now are done so using a mirror mastic adhesive which glues the mirror to your desired location. We also use CHUX to help supprt the mirror once it is in place. These can be safely removed roughly 48 hours after we leave the fitting. We have all the latest equipment to be able to do just about any fitting you may require but if for any reason you are unsure please ask us for advise first. We also try our very best to stay as clean and tidy as we can during the fitting process.